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Brothel, Escorts and Massage Parlour Room Management

Enhance your Brothel, Escorts or Massage Parlour business efficiency using PimpMe.
     PimpMe is the best real time business management software for Brothel, Escorts and Massage Parlour. Our booking system and business management software is easily customized for each premises and is in real time. Bookings are simple, quick and easy 4 clicks and the booking is done. Each worker has their own count down timer letting you know when there time is up. Capture booking information quickly and easily. We tailor made PimpMe for Brothel, Escorts and Massage Parlour with the input of business owners. PimpMe makes managing bookings simple and easy, automatic time count down on booking and over time alerts. Every version is custom built for your premises needs.





Product Details      : Brothel, Escorts and Massage Parlour Room Management
Software:                     : PimpMe 2018  
Thermal Printer            : 58MM Thermal Receipt Printer
Installation                   : 30 minute installation 1 hour training on site and 24 hour support.
Custom Configuration  : Initial Customization 5 working days
1 Year                         : free updates     
1 Year                         : free Phone support


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EV On Screen Instrumentation 2 din

Graphical interface displays critical information from both the motor controller and battery management systems.

Motor RPM
Motor Temperatures (Celsius)
Battery Voltage (VDC)
Battery Charge and Discharge Amperage (Amps)
Energy Capacity (State-Of-Charge & Amp-Hours)


Hotel Bar Management Software

A free version is available for hotels with less then 6 Poker machines email us.


Machines 1 to 6 are for use if you do not have a CCU. If you do have a CCU it is suggested you do a hard meter read once a week. Let us know if you have any requirements and we can implement them in your  version.

The Railway Hotel has 2 bars the 2nd bar has most of the Bistro sales going through it. 

The reason the version with less then 6 poker machines is free is to help out small hotels as taxes and increased costs are out of control.




Construction Management Coming Soon